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PACLA Buttons


All 1.25" buttons are coated with a clear high-gloss, UV & weather resistant mylar finish, are backed with a steel pin-back, and feature a full color quality artwork print.

These four buttons are inspired by Parenting Autistic Children With Love & Acceptance...

1. "Change the world, not your autistic child!"

2. Support Facilitated Communication - you can read more about FC here.

3. Flash photography can be dangerous to those affected by epilepsy and other seizure-causing conditions. It can also negatively affect those who are autistic and/or have sensory processing issues. Wearing this button can show others you can't be exposed to flashes from cameras or other sources.

4. People are not puzzles! I am not a puzzle, nor am I missing any pieces. I am not an incomplete human who needs to be solved. You can read more about this at the Unpuzzled Project.

25% of the proceeds from sales of these four buttons will go toward purchasing books, movies, and other supplies for the Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Lending Library.