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5-10 #IllGoWithYou Buttons V2 - CLEARANCE

Image of 5-10 #IllGoWithYou Buttons V2 - CLEARANCE

$3.50 - On Sale

Many individuals within the trans community, some of whom are not “out” yet, requested a button design which could be worn and not be an overt signal for those who may suspect they are a member of the LGBTQ community, potentially putting a target on them.

We’ve also been called to recognize that our trans loved ones are not the only community members who need solidarity in public spaces and we want to offer an option for allies willing to provide assistance for anyone who may face harassment or discrimination in public spaces.

The new, additional version of the #IllGoWithYou button identifies the wearer as an inclusive point of safety, in spaces where discrimination or harassment may take place. An #IllGoWithYou ally offers support, buffering, and nonviolent assistance when asked.

These 1.25" diameter buttons are coated with a clear high-gloss UV & weather resistant mylar finish, are backed with a steel pin-back, and feature a full color quality artwork print.

Button Button designed the official #IllGoWithYou artwork, with the assistance of the team behind #IllGoWithYou. You can find out more about #IllGoWithYou at

[Shipping available to United States and Canada. Please see the shipping information page for details on international shipping.]