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Neurodiversity Narwhals


"The mission of the Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Library is to promote understanding, acceptance and inclusion for Autistic people. Their organization is dedicated to the ideas of neurodiversity, social justice, Autistic/Disabled Pride and disability rights. The lending materials they offer reflect the wide and diverse scope of autism & intersectional identities. They are working toward building an inclusive community and providing relevant resources and information for Autistic people, their families, friends, and allies."

The Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Library has offered their Neurodivergent Narwhals as artwork for fundraising buttons! The funds will be utilized to help neurodivergent individuals and families in need. $1 (one dollar) from every button sold will donated directly to the library. You can get more information about the library at their website and at their Facebook page.

These 1.25" diameter buttons are coated with a clear high-gloss UV & weather resistant mylar finish, are backed with a steel pin-back, and feature a full color quality artwork print. (Colors may appear slightly different in person, due to various settings on individual displays.)

* All button artwork for these items is owned by the Ed Wiley Autism Acceptance Library. Artwork used with permission by copyright owner.

This item is not currently available for Expedited Processing & Shipping.

***INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING NOTE: If you would like to make a purchase, please contact us for exact shipping prices for your address. Please include how many buttons you'd like to order (along with any other items) and your shipping address, so we can give you a specific quote.***