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Pocket Mirrors


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These handmade pocket mirrors are perfect for quick makeup touch-ups, moco checks, peeking around corners at work to make sure your boss isn't prowling the halls, or signaling planes when you're lost in the mountains! Many of these designs are super limited, so if you see one you want... snag it now, so you don't miss out!

Geometric patterns, Valentine's Day, spring & summer designs, and lots more coming VERY soon! Mirrors with custom designs/personalized photos are also available... as are custom 3" buttons. Use the contact form in the menu and let's talk! These are great for party favors, gift bags, and spirit items!

This item is a 3" pocket mirror (diameter is about the size of an average coffee cup); the artwork is coated with a clear high-gloss UV & weather resistant mylar finish, and the mirror itself is an actual glass mirror - no chrome-like paint here!

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This item is not currently available for Expedited Processing & Shipping.

* Please note colors may be slightly different in person than online, due to variances in browser & device settings.

***INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING NOTE: If you would like to make a purchase, please contact us for exact shipping prices for your address. Please include how many buttons you'd like to order (along with any other items) and your shipping address, so we can give you a specific quote.***

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