1.25" Pumpkin Pride Button


Wear these Pride pumpkins for Halloween, throughout autumn, or all year to stay in the Halloween mood!

Currently, this design is available with the following Pride flags:
- Pride
- Philadelphia Pride
/Inclusive Pride
- Progress Pride
- Inclusive Progress Pride
- Agender

- Aromantic (Aro)

- Asexual (Ace)
- Bisexual (Bi)

- Demiboy

- Demigirl

- Demisexual

- Genderfluid
- Genderqueer

- Intersex
- Lesbian
- Nonbinary
 (Enby / NB / Non-Binary)
- Pansexual (Pan)
- Polysexual
- Transgender

These 1.25" diameter buttons feature a high-quality full color print, which is coated with a clear high-gloss UV & weather-resistant mylar finish, and backed with a steel pin-back.

If you would like to purchase any of these designs in bulk (50+), please use the contact form to request more details.