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Shipping Information

- Which shipping method(s) does Button Button use?


  • 1-49 1.25" buttons = USPS First Class Parcel
  • 50+ 1.25" (or larger) buttons = USPS Priority Mail
  • 1-100 1" buttons/zipper pulls = USPS First Class Parcel
  • 101+ 1" buttons/zipper pulls = USPS Priority Mail
  • Stickers (up to 50 small or 10 large alone) = USPS First Class Letter
  • Stickers (51+ small or 11+ large alone) = USPS First Class Parcel
  • Patches (alone) = USPS First Class Letter
  • Water Bottles / Magnets = USPS First Class Parcel


*** COVID-19 Related International Shipping Delays *** 

International shipping has returned as an option, as of November 20, 2020. Depending on any delays experienced for future shipments, the option may temporarily be removed again and the situation will be evaluated on a daily basis. 

There may be extensive shipping delays for orders traveling outside the United States, so please be prepared to wait. If you do not receive your order within 30 days, please contact Button Button with your order number.

All international orders are shipped via USPS, as First Class International Parcels.


*** COVID-19 Related Expedited Shipping Delays *** 

Updated June 2020: Due to shipping delays, expedited guarantees are no longer available. For the sake of safety, trips to the post office are happening less often, so the Expedited Shipping & Processing option is UNAVAILABLE until at least October 2021. Thank you for your understanding.

[Normally, Expedited Shipping & Processing is available for shipping within the United States, based on both item availability and required turnaround time.]

- How often does Button Button ship?

*** COVID-19 Related Shipping Delays *** 

Updated June 2021: Until at least October 2021, orders are being shipped out once a week, in the interest of safety. Your order should arrive within 1-2 weeks of being placed, if not sooner. There have been delays with USPS, so guarantees cannot be made. If you have not received your order within 30 days of placing it, please reply to your order confirmation email or use the contact form and include your order number, to check the status of your order. Thank you!

[Normally, orders are generally shipped within 3-5 business days of the order being placed, but can take longer depending on the amount & size of orders currently being processing. Under normal circumstances, shipping only takes place Monday-Friday.]

- How long will it take to get my order?

As per the USPS website: "Due to limited transportation availability, as a result of nationwide COVID-19 impacts, package delivery times may be extended."  Please see above, re: Covid-19 delays.

[Normally, shipping times vary, depending on location and content contained in the order.  Standard turnaround time - when current delays aren't a factor - for domestic shipments within the United States is 1-2 weeks. International orders vary by location. There may be times when delivery may take longer, due to production demands. Custom buttons always have production & shipping priority.]

- Do you offer tracking/insurance?

All orders shipped via USPS Parcel or Priority Mail, domestic & international, have a tracking number attached to them, as of 09/15/15. You should receive your tracking number, via email, once a shipping label is printed for your order (printing the label means that the order is being prepared for shipping). Please allow up to 72 hours for the package to be active within the USPS system. 

Not all international orders will be trackable, even with a tracking number. It depends on if tracking is available from the local postal service, once the order reaches the destination country.

ALL domestic custom orders are insured. Insurance on non-custom orders is available upon request (prior to purchase), for an additional fee. Insurance is unfortunately unavailable for international orders. 

Orders which only contain ONLY stickers or ONLY patches are NOT trackable or insurable, unless requested prior to purchase (additional shipping fee will apply). 

- I need my buttons by a specific date, can Button Button guarantee that?

Unfortunately, orders cannot be guaranteed by a specific date at this time, due to COVID-19 related delays with USPS.

[Normally, Expedited Processing & Shipping is available for an additional fee for orders placed within the United States. The extra price not only includes USPS Priority Shipping, but also allows you to skip ahead of other pending orders.

If you need your buttons for an event/by a certain date, when this service resumes (hopefully by January 2021), you are asked please use the contact form to ask about Expedited Shipping & Processing. 

Even if your event is three weeks from now, please utilize the Expedited option to guarantee receipt by the date of your event.

THIS IS THE ONLY WAY TO GUARANTEE RECEIPT OF YOUR ITEMS BY A SPECIFIC DATE. If you do not use the contact form before ordering, you may not receive your items by the date you need them.

All Expedited orders will ship via USPS Priority Shipping (generally taking 2-3 business days to arrive after shipping, though it can sometimes take up to 5 business days) within two business days of the order being placed.

If you need your order quicker than that, arrangements may be made, however that is based on availability.]

- What about fees/taxes for international shipments?

All fees/taxes from your local customs agency are YOUR responsibility as the recipient. Button Button cannot not mark your package as a "gift" and must mark it as "merchandise" for legal reasons.

If you reject the package because you do not want to pay customs fees/taxes, the order may be returned to Button Button - but that is not a guarantee. If your order is returned to Button Button as a refused/rejected package and all items included are still in sellable condition, you will receive a refund for the price of the items purchased, less a 15% restocking fee. You will NOT receive a refund for the shipping.

- It's been over 2 weeks since I ordered! Where's my stuff?! 

Your patience is greatly appreciated. Button Button is a very small business and thus, does not have the luxury of ultra-fast turnaround times like a larger business such as Amazon (which is a product distributor, not a manufacturer). 

If you have not received your order within 30 days, please use the contact form on this site (and include your order number) or reply directly to your order confirmation email. Sometimes an order may not import correctly into the order processing software. Sometimes an order may be delayed or lost in the mail. Contacting Button Button directly with your order number is the quickest and most efficient way to come to a solution. 

- If my order is returned to Button Button, will it be reshipped?

Please be VERY careful when entering your shipping address, as packages cannot be re-routed after they are shipped. If you have received an email that your order has shipped, it is too late to change the address.

Unfortunately, due to the cost of shipping & packaging, we cannot reship your order once it is returned to us. However, you can place a new order, to an alternate address, if your address is marked by the carrier as incorrect or insufficient. 

If your order is returned to us for an incorrect/insufficient address OR as a damaged package, you will be refunded for the full price of the items you ordered. If your order is returned marked "refused" or "return to sender" you will be refunded for the price of the items you ordered, less a 15% restocking fee. This is non-negotiable. 

- I received the wrong order, what gives?

This happens VERY rarely, but it's possible... humans aren't perfect! :D Please contact Button Button with your order number and a description of what was received (packaging, number of buttons, etc. - pictures are even more helpful) within 3 business days of receiving them. The situation will be handled on a case-by-case basis. If you do not contact Button Button within 3 business days of receiving your order, your order is assumed to be correct and no refunds or replacements will be issued. 

I received extra items, what gives?

Sometimes extra goodies are thrown in... because you donated buttons, wrote a rad note in the order form, or because I'm having a good day and want to pass that along to you in a tangible form. Enjoy! :)