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SOLD OUT - #IllGoWithYou Lanyards & Patches

$3.00 - On Sale


Buttons may not stand out in a crowd at conventions & conferences, so what's the next best option? An #IllGoWithYou lanyard, of course! Lanyards are also perfect for medical/corporate settings, where wearing a button or sticker may not be feasible.

The lanyard is ¾" wide satin polyester material with sublimated printed. It includes a silver metal j-hook to secure a badge, ID, keys, or more. The new design also includes a safety release on the back of the lanyard (see 4th picture for example)!

Note: The new lanyards do contain a tiny printing error, thus are being sold at a discount. It won't be noticeable unless you look very closely and it will be corrected in the next printing of lanyards.


By popular request, we have made #IllGoWithYou patches available! These are perfect for jackets, backpacks, vests, and other cloth materials. Patches are a great way to show you are an active ally.

Patches are 2" in diameter and 100% polyester with a sublimated image, making them quite durable. They also have a high melt heat seal backing, which means they can either be sewn on or applied with a heat press.

"#IllGoWithYou allies go into bathrooms and other spaces with transgender people who may be afraid or concerned about their safety. An #IllGoWithYou ally offers support, buffering, and nonviolent assistance when asked."

Button Button designed the official #IllGoWithYou artwork, with the assistance of the team behind #IllGoWithYou. You can find out more about #IllGoWithYou at

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***INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING NOTE: If you would like to make a purchase, please contact us for exact shipping prices for your address. Please include how many buttons you'd like to order (along with any other items) and your shipping address, so we can give you a specific quote.***

Sold Out